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Thank you for visiting BuglerUSN. You are invited to share your thoughts, offer corrections and suggest changes. All things aren't perfect and subject to change. As a Graphic Designer all my professional life, I'm no stranger to this fact.

Eventually, if it is requested enough, I may set-up a "Comments" page allowing you to post your reminisces and other contributory information such as photos and comments. It would be flattering if this was to happen. I would consider it as 'comments' are very popular on many other military related sites. Perhaps combined with a "I want to get in contact with" type of page. Who knows.One thing for sure, this site will be evolving as time goes on as I still have much more information to contribute.

Most questions about me and my family are answered on The Bugler page. If you desire more information about me, my family or business (TriAd Grafix) please email me at the address given here and I'll be sure to get back to you promptly.

I do ask that you respect the privacy of all those named in this site. Any contact with them should be done judiciously, at your own accord and with the understanding that many of those named are done so for historical purposes and of course in telling my story knowing that most are not aware of the existence of their names on this site. I will not help anyone get in contact with anyone unless the recipient request otherwise.

Thank you!

Bertrand R. Trottier, Jr.



E-Mail:                 The Bugler

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Studio Address:     B.R. Trottier
                            2530 Atchison St., 1st Floor 
                            San Bernardino, California 92410-1912

I am a ham radio enthusiast, N6YJA. If you happen to be in the Los Angeles, Inland Empire or Palm Springs area I monitor 146.85 (down) PL 146.2 which is the C-BAR-C repeater up on Skyland Peak, Crestline, California. Otherwise you might find me on 10m around 28.45Mhz, 2100 Zulu. It would be great to have a QSO! 73

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