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The Battleship U.S.S. New Jersey,

The pictures on these pages tell the story. Our mighty guns poised for another deadly target. There are stories of our soldiers "in country" who brought our shells right down on their positions. Those are truly my heroes. Such brave men. Such tremendous losses. A tragic war we had to fight.

It seems to me that we should have listened to General Douglas Mac Arthur when, at the "end" of the North Korean hostilities, he advocated chasing the Communists back into China and beyond. Of course President Truman fired him in 1951 for those "outrageous" comments only for history to prove Mac Arthur was right all along. So much for negotiations.

Too bad politics get in the way of obvious threats. Everyone has a better way. "You can't negotiate with a cockroach"...Chinese proverb.

Clean-up crews after a firing mission off the coast of Vietnam, 1969. We're doing at least 20 knots racing to another firing position to the south.

Note the blackened mussels of the 16 inch guns. Don't touch! They'll be hot for days before the inner rifle sleeve can be ground down again (see photo above left). After a while you have to replace the entire barrel as the sleeve keeps expanding due to the heat generated while firing 2000lb. projectiles. Soon the barrel looses accuracy due to its expansion.

A replacement barrel is on display near Ports of Call Village in San Pedro, California. Weighing tons, it's around 60 feet long and a fun challenge for the kids to walk on. What a contrast.

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