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The Battleship U.S.S. New Jersey,

Life aboard ship is said not to be for everyone. But you soon find out that you learn to live with it. Many of these sailors are from the Ozarks, blue grass country and even downtown Manhattan like Al below. We all learn to get used to the constant humming of motors, fans, electrical equipment and occasional guns firing. Everyone gets accustomed to the roll of the ship, turns and sometimes surprising banging of the sea against her haul. But what you don't get used to are storms at sea.

However, life below can be somewhat comfortable as it can be for all aboard. Every division has its ecentrics, intellectuals, sports fanatics and book worms. Here's a sampling just from Nav. Div.

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Poker games were sometimes boring and sometimes very exciting. Pots would climb as high as $1000.00. The games were held here in the ET (Electronic Technicians) compartment just outside Navigation's to the left. Since I didn't get off the ship as often as the rest of the crew I had accumulated quite a bit of money allowing me to act as "banker" for some players. My finance terms? Averages between 25% to 50% until payday, depending on credit standing. I never had to collect on anyone. Others who loaned money aboard ship were charging a straight 50% until payday. Soon after return to the United States I had enough money to buy a very nice 1967 Ford Mustang 2+2, cash.

In these photos you'll notice the TV sets. The New Jersey was criticized for this. However, let it be known the crew payed for the sets and the ET's installed them on their own time.

Above is 'N' Division's own "Chicken Man". If you examin closely you'll see the "Red Chicken Of Happiness" on his chest. "Chicken Man" was here to save the day. I don't know if I have this all right, but he sure brought us some needed laughter. We didn't dare let him out of the compatment for fear that someone will catch him, pluck him and cook our one and only "Chicken Man"!


"Doc" is a Medic. I shot these because of anyone I've ever known you can see a good bit of his personality by his appearance. A very smart guy, "Doc" loves to ham it up living the alter ego of...well...whatever you want him to be! Great guy, and liked by the whole crew (especially when they come back from Liberty), even the ones who aren't so "strange."
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