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The Battleship U.S.S. New Jersey, BB-62
The Decks II

I'll let the photos speak for themselves. What a beautiful and proud ship.

The deck crew took wonderful care of her in every way. The gunners wooden plugs on the barrels adds that special touch of completeness.

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The bow of the New Jersey pointing toward land in Subic Bay, Philippines. The fire control guys at the right are checking out equipment while at sea.
Fishing from the stern was a permissible activity along with skeet shooting while at sea. Great stuff!

The photo at the left doesn't do the fantail justice. The letters are at least 4' tall covering the entire width of the deck. You can get a better idea below.

My compliment to the guys who did the work and maintain the deck. Excellent!

Pictures just don't do the New Jersey justice.


Once we had the head of the Navy's Nurses Corp. come aboard while we were off the coast of Vietnam.

Capt. Snyder had me play "Hello Dolly". I wonder if she remembers?

When Bob Hope and his USO troupe came aboard I was asked again to play something appropriate: "Thanks For The Memories". I got to meet Bob Hope in 1973 when my sister Joan held a patio party in Beverly Hills at her penthouse. Turned out Bob Hope was one of her clients. She sold Palm Springs property for him. We chatted for a while about as his trip to the New Jesey as I was glad he remembered.

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